Custom Orders

At Polkra, we believe in giving our customers exactly what they want. So if you like our rugs, sheets and towels, but you’d love them in another colour or a different size, we’d be only too happy to oblige. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll create a bespoke order just for you.


Bespoke rugs

Rugs can be ordered in bespoke sizes or colours, allowing you to choose a product to fit the dimensions of a room, or to match your existing décor.

Customised rugs are available from £15.00 (GBP) per square foot (£150/m2).


Bespoke sheets and towels

If you’re refreshing the linens in your home, boat or plane, we can help you get the details just right, with our bespoke towels and sheets. Customisation of sheets and towels is available on orders of ten or more sets, allowing you to choose your own sizes, ribbon colours and monogramming.

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