Your home needs a flat cotton rug: 3 reasons why


Moroccan boucherouite rugs - or any kind of textural, shaggy rug - bring a beautifully cozy, bohemian energy to a room.  That being said, the never-ending shedding and their susceptibility to become a black hole for crumbs, make them difficult items to maintain.  

Dhurrie rugs are handwoven, flat cotton rugs made using traditional weaving looms.  In Jaipur, where Polkra rugs are made, a visit to the factory made it clear that in terms of practicality, there is nothing like them.  Read here for a succinct breakdown that vouches for the wonders of a flat cotton rug.

1. Flat cotton rugs are reversible and easy to clean

At the factory in Jaipur, some friends over at the factory taught us how to clean their rugs.  The instructions were simple: flip it over!  Though it is advisable to bring rugs to be cleaned every year or two, rugs being reversible provides a quick solution for any surprise spills.  Small blemishes can be solved by dabbing the spot with stain remover.  When it does come to bringing the rug in for a professional clean, dhurrie rugs are easily transportable - they are lightweight, and can be folded or rolled in minutes.

2. Custom rugs are possible in many colours and sizes

The weaving process for dhurrie rugs allows for easy manipulation of patterns, colours and sizes.  Being that India is packed with some of the world's most vibrant colours, the factory Polkra works with has an incredible range of dyes for the natural cotton fibers.  All Polkra patterns can be manipulated with over 20 different colour options as well as in several custom sizes.

3. Rugs are well priced and made to last

Especially when compared other high quality area rugs, dhurri rugs are remarkably cost effective.  

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