Copy of Polkra x Katie Scott Candle Collection - Set of Four

Copy of Polkra x Katie Scott Candle Collection - Set of Four

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This Polkra x Katie Scott Candle Collection has been exclusively designed for Polkra by award-winning artist Katie Scott. Made with all natural wax in ceramic pots this collection of five scents features five botanical drawings with a surreal twist.

Long after the wax meets the bottom of its wick, these candle pots make fabulous vessels for paint brushes, pencils, plants and more.

Included in the Set

1x Circe | 1x Delphi | 1x Ondine | 1x Atlas

Materials: 100% natural, non-GM, ethically sourced coconut & rapeseed wax | Burn time 45 hours | Ceramic Pot

Size: 10 cm x 8.6 cm

Weight: 3kg

Care: Burn for 2 hours the first time you burn ensuring that the top layer of wax is molten across. Maintain the wick at 0.5cm long to prevent the pot from becoming sooty and make the candle last longer. If you would like to use the pot once finished, pour hot water and washing up liquid inside the pot to help remove the remaining wax residue. Do not wash in the dishwasher as the wax will go on the other items inside.

Katie Scott is London-based illustrator who draws influences from traditional medical and botanical illustration, depicting a familiar yet fantasy vision of plants, humans and minerals. Her work plays with the ideas of scientific uncertainty and speculation, fabricating the inner and outer workings of the world.